Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

Hallways To Nowhere

Coming to the end of my visit of the Palace of Versailles, I saw this hallway. Long and straight, it seemed to go on forever, as it alternated between dark shadows and natural light. It made me think of the curiosity aspect a city like Paris has on an outsider. Normally, it is human to fear the unknown, however, when travelling it suddenly becomes a spontaneous adventure, a once in a lifetime opportunity, and so uncovering mysterious places, and finding new things has its appeal.

The Palace of Versailles is only one place where you know there is more to be seen and wish you could actually see it. It makes you wonder, and you walk through the extravagant building, who has walked here before you, who lived here, why where they here, did they wear white wigs and incredible dresses?

As the light flickered through this hallway as it lead to infinity, I knew it was something I had to photograph as an embodiment of the unknown path that lay ahead, no matter where I was to travel or what I was to explore next.

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