Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

The Importance Of Detail

The French, in my opinion, have a very good eye for detail. All of their ornate, classic style architecture and furniture comes down to the minute details of perfectly hand crafted works. The Palace of Versailles is no different, with every corner, every ceiling, every floor, having over the top amounts of detail and exuding wealth. The five different types of marble in one room for example, or the room that was built for the soul purpose of housing a large renaissance painting.

This door handle was found in the Palace of Versailles and is a culmination of the extreme details and display of wealth that the palace represents. The whole palace is boasting about the uniqueness of itself, displaying as much decadence as humanly possible. From Louis the fourteenth to Louis the sixteenth the palace was built, Louis the fourteenth meaning for it to symbolise a gesture of grander to the French people. Louis the sixteenth being swallowed by greed and building a palace of unnecessary means.

Though Louis the sixteenth only wanted to demonstrate his lust for money and power in his over-decadent home, it has become a place of wonder, as well as a place of attraction. As a visitor you long to live in a place as grand as the Palace of Versailles as it becomes a place you may only enter in your dreams.

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