Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

The Gardens Of Versailles

Versailles is such a place of intrigue and mystery as well as being a place of wealth and architectural perfection. The gardens of Versailles are the most beautiful, awe inspiring gardens I have ever seen. The way they are groomed to perfection is incredible. The colours are amazing as you will have never seen grass so green or vivid until you see the gardens of Versailles.

The fact that the plants are all in pots os they can easily be moved around or changed on the Kings demand, so workers didn't have to continuously dig up and re-plant plants into the ground. The rows and rows and perfectly trimmed trees as far as the eye can see coupled with the beautiful and varied water fountains and lakes makes for such beautiful scenery.

The maintenance of these gardens is really something that should be applauded and something the French seem to be extremely proud to show off as a world wide attraction. Even if this palace was once a symbol of great hatred towards a selfish government.

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