Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

The Ageing Process

I think Paris, or France in general, has the ability to age gracefully. The amazing thing about their architecture and physical objects is that the more the age the more character they seem to require. There comes a sense of familiarity with something that has aged and worn and a new object has almost appeared as shapes and colours evolve in the classic and expected graceful, effortless attitude that comes with the French.

The women also have the ability to age gracefully. Look at Coco Chanel for example, teaching women how to still wear high heels and pearls well into their later years and still be as fabulous as ever, without the need to external forces to persuade the face into a more youthful view. The French have an amazing ability to live in the now and accept their present. When one is young and youthful, one must embody this and appreciate it, enjoy it while it lasts. However when one ages, one does the same, still with an appreciation for where you are in your life and an aura filled with confidence.

The deterioration of this urn is such a beautiful sight. An object with such history and character and builds on itself and evolves as weather manipulates it into something different than the beginning. The colours the vary through the piece from weather and simple time, are beautiful to the eye and here is where something as simple as a garden urn can begin to appreciated for something that often goes unnoticed.

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