Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

A Singular Rosebud

Something that genuinely drew me to Paris is the fact that a place that has been around for so long and has such rich history can still look as beautiful as it does. The up-keep of the city coupled with the beautiful gardens and flowers that grow, embodied the patriarchy of the country. People are proud to be a part of a city with such world renowned beauty and it definitely can be seen from an outsiders perspective, if one knows where to look.

The beautifully coloured rose bud was part of a bed of roses than ran along the banks of the river Seine for meters and meters. As people walked among them, taking for granted their beauty as they commenced their every day activities, they stood out to me as something extraordinary. Such bright colours and impeccable green grass, with a backdrop of blue stone buildings, made the flowers stand out.

Though their beauty may be over looked by the every day Parisian, an outsider has the opportunity to admire and reflect on their underestimated presence. This is one aspect of the city where I believe the outsider has an upper hand. The ability to notice the unnoticed and appreciate its beauty where it is often overlooked.

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