Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

The View

Climbing to the top of the Sacre Coeur one has the incredible opportunity to view Paris from such a high vantage point. Once you reach the top, there is such a feeling of euphoria that a sense of calm comes over you and you take in as far as the eye can see. There is a sense of being on top of the world when you see this view.

The most magical part is to be able to see the Eiffel Tour as part of the view. It makes you release where you are, and the surrealism suddenly solidifies and you can accept the fact that you are in this beautiful city and you begin to appreciate that you have been given this opportunity.

For me, going to France was such a dream and desire of mine, and I had so many expectations in my head of how it would be. Actually going was such a surreal experience until I came to this view and felt a sense of calm. All those expectations came together as a place of reality and I could feel nothing but appreciation and a longing to stay. That is why this view is of great importance to me, it symbolises the tipping point between all that I wanted to experience and actually experiencing it.

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