Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

Love Is Us

As I ascended up the three hundred plus stairs to the top of the breathtakingly famous Sacre Coeur, the white stones surrounded me as the spiral takes you to the top. However, once you finally reach the spire, you become engulfed in all those who where in this place before you. The writing that surrounds the very top walls of the tower show memories and stories.

This one in particular caught my eye, ‘Love Is Us’, and couldn’t help but wonder who ‘us’ was. Was it the loving couple who left the message for all to see, or was it more general, more conceptual, a message bout the human race and our capacity to love. It made me think of the love that surrounds Paris as a city. The concept of its romantic pre-notions, the bridge with all the locks of love, how love was promised to be found is this magical and influential place.

The love that two people can have, build and develop is truly an experience that no words have the ability to properly describe. It can be intense and overwhelming and make the outside world around you stop. It is so completely encapsulating to the point where you can’t breathe. This sign on a wall brings up such an array of emotions that it is simply impossible to miss.

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