Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...


Through this section of the work, you are on a journey of discovery through the beginnings of my thought process. “Influences” are occasions and stories explaining my expectations and prior knowledge coming into a country that I had only previously visited in my mind. There is a contrast in my emotions with feelings of both being within and being an outsider.

As F. Scott Fitzgerald discusses a feeling of being both “within and without”, a similar comparison can be drawn upon visiting a new country, especially one of interest. You are both part of this bustling city, whilst also being a complete and uneducated outsider. The contrast is quite a remarkable feeling, the longing to be a part of this place that has only be constructed in your mind.

Two main questions come to mind with this contrasting feeling. The first, if one does live in a place for a particular amount of time, do they become part of that place and if so, how long do they need to be there? From this question one also begins to question whether or not belonging to a place if particularly necessary and how a persons identity develops and evolves when influences by the place they identity with.

The following images relate to some of my experiences from my journey regarding prior influences upon arrival.


Gabriella Renee Xipolitos. Enjoy.