Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...


This section of immersion dives deep into all five senses and tells stories about the truly immersive experiences throughout my trip. The goal through this section is to really immerse the viewer through both the photography and the detailed retelling of experienced that moved me in a particular way.

The importance of these stories is hidden in their detail and through sharing them, I hope that they have the opportunity to become both relatable and inspiring. The ability to combine sight with hearing, smell, touch and taste brings a really powerful memory that stays with a person for a life time and begins to evolve people into a different person that grows and changes as their experiences do.

The passion and longing to experience something new is where my love of travel originates from, and these truly immersive experiences are the pure core of that idea. The memory of travel, of conquering something that is outside of your comfort zone, is both empowering and addictive and something that I hope transpires through this section of my work.

The following images relate to some of my experiences from my journey regarding completely immersive experiences that stimulate and are truly memorable.


Gabriella Renee Xipolitos. Enjoy.