Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

The Beaches Of France

As the contrast between calm, motionless sea and a kaleidoscope of crashing blues and whites, the beaches in France are nothing but awe inspiring. Though it may be over cast there’s a temperature around in the summer that surrounds you with comfort and warmth. This is accompanied by the confidence that floods the air of stunning women and comfortable men. The aura that surround the locals that lay on the pebble beaches can only be described as sophistication, as an attitude that is so effortless.

The simplistic black, white and navy bikinis accompanied by big hats and shining sunglasses fit into the beach like a picturesque scene, like they're meant to be there, like they belong there. Perfectly melted tans on bodies that lie on white pebbles like Cleopatra, become the envy of every one other than those who truly belong. This is a place which such exclusivity that the only way to achieve true inclusivity is it inherit it.

The deep blue that one can see from every angle is such a mesmerising sight that there is a desire to experience it in every season, despite the temperature. A view so amazing and encompassing would be the ultimate way to live out ones days. To be able to walk through the sand on a day to day basis, soak up the sun and feel as alive as the beaches in the south of France can make one feel would be something to truly aspire for.

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