Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

The Girls

Walking around the Galeries Lafayette, in thirty-five degree heat, I spotted these two Parisian women standing having a cigarette. That is one of the first things that hit me about Paris in all honesty, all the cigarette’s. Smoking is such a casual and socially accepted activity in France and it is one of the only aspects that I found to be a negative.

The other thing I noticed about these two ladies was their fashion. The two had such a casual attitude that long, white, pleated skirts seem such a perfect fit in the hot and busy city. The casual New Balance shoes paired with the more formal skirt is the perfect mixture of class and convenience and also a look that seemed to continue to appear as soon as I came back home. As we are influenced by the promises made to us by brands, shoes with brands plastered all over them are seen more and more. Nike, New Balance and Adidas, just to name a few. A trend that I have noticed on a world scale, not just in Melbourne.

The conversations between the two girls is something that also drew me to the girls. The friendly connection between the two of them only propagated the casual effortless that is famously associated with the French.

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