Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

The Couple

Upon arriving in Paris, and planning on our first day to visit the Eiffel Tour, we had a few minutes to wait, and decided to sit on some grass in the gardens along the Seine river. That in itself was such a surreal situation to me, that I could look up and see the Eiffel Tour, surrounded by roses, but then I saw this couple. The girl wore this stunning white dress, covered in a floral print that replicated the flowers that surrounded her. He wore a perfectly tailored suit, and the two walked along the river in love and in the moment.

The moment that I saw the couple, I could only do one thing, capture the moment. So I photographed the couple as they strolled on the river bank, representative of physical perfection in a city that seemed to bring to life all that I believed it would.

Through my lens, she looked like someone I could one day see myself being. A beautiful happy women with a stunning dress and an aura that projected effortless confidence in herself. With a man by her side, they walked arm in am along the river that was so famous without a care in the world. A confidence shone from them as they demanded attention from all that saw them and longed to be them, in any and every way.

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