Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...


You imagine places around the world that you have seen photos of, and you picture exactly what the internet or others have described to you. The interesting part of famous locations to me, is the personal aspects that arise once you have visited them yourself. The details you notice that no one else has, the specifics your remember that others didn’t even see. Visiting a place of value, whether it is historical value or aesthetic value, or some kind of individual importance, becomes very personal and individual once experienced through your own eyes and thoughts.

Why have you visited here, what specifics have you realised, how has it made you feel, what do you remember?

For me personally, French architecture is what specifically caught my attention and the details within this style are memorable to me. Through this section the aim is to explore destinations and the places I expected to visit and how those views and understandings changed once I visited them.

The following images relate to some of my experiences from my journey regarding specific destinaitons and the details I remember from them.


Gabriella Renee Xipolitos. Enjoy.