Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

La Voiture

On my first official day in Paris, I went to try and find the Eiffel Tour. However, being a tourist and having my travelling companion influence my map reading skills, I ended up getting lost. As the sun kept getting hotter and hotter, I kept walking in different directions until it was decided that we needed a break. So, we found a cafe and sat to rest and re-group. As I sat, I did one of my favourite things, I people watched. However, this time I did it with my camera, capturing people in intimate moments with themselves. It was so interesting to me, trying to see what they were thinking, who they were, why the were dressed the way they were, figuring out as much of their identity as possible without actually talking or knowing that person.

Once we had re-grouped and felt more prepared to embracing the heat of the sun that we were not used to, we continued. That is when I found this car, beautiful, small and classic. It had so much character that it had to be photographed. As I was being ushered on by the rest of the group to keep walking, I just kept looking at this car, a memory that has stuck with me since returning. The class, the character, the shape and the effortlessness simply, to me, was the embodiment of Paris, in a car. It was such a bizarre moment that it deserves both documentation and an explanation.

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