Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...

A Unique Lifestyle

The cafe lifestyle in France as expected of every other aspect of the French lifestyle, completely effortless. From the morning espresso with a croissant or pan au chocolat, to the afternoon coffee and eclair. There are two aspects to love about the French cafe lifestyle. The first is the food, the amazing and beautiful techniques that go into the look of the product. So much detail is put into how it looks, the colours, the brightness, the textures, the gloss, the consistency - all of the utmost importance. Then, after your eyes get past the amazing look and astounding aesthetics of the masterful patisserie, you eat one, and the flavours explode in your mouth, in an amazing kelidascope of flavours that make you wonder why people don’t have a serious addiction to them.

The second love of the cafe culture of France is the way it is used to connect with people. The local cafe and coffee is a meeting place on a nightly basis, late into the night. It is such a social city, alive with chatter and people sharing food and drinks and wine, without any dependence on social media and technology. The constant interaction with family, friends and lovers brings about a complete feeling of community and inclusion. Eating dinner late and going out for drinks afterwards, starting the day at ten or eleven in the morning instead of nine, just so they can go have a drink until at least eleven at night. The connections that are formed and constantly built upon is a lifestyle that should be replicated world wide, not just contained in Europe.

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