Issue 1: France From An Outsiders Perspective...


In my opinion, France is a very visually stimulating place. It is said that a first impression can make or break an experience, but with France every time you move your line of sight from one direction to the next, a new impression is formed as new visually stimulating objects enter into your vision and alter your mind.

From the people, who carry with them such poise and status, to the buildings that encapsulate such history in their very structure. Each visual stimuli is quintessentially French, which is both unique and has the ability to capture its people and outsiders in a way that is truly commendable and world renowned.

This aesthetic section is my version of capturing my first visual impressions of a country as an outsider looking in. Through the combination of the written word and visual photography, hopefully my feelings and understandings of this one sense can be realised and almost felt by you, the reader, as is my intension, to encapsulate the reader into my visual experience.

The following images relate to some of my experiences from my journey regarding visual memories that are remembered for a reason.


Gabriella Renee Xipolitos. Enjoy.